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Shift Space

Culture & Mentoring

Diversity + Inclusion + Belonging

Shift Strategies is launching an offering that creates a new cultural norm wherein people feel like insiders and experience a sense of belonging enabling them to be themselves and have their uniqueness highly valued by their peers.

It isn’t enough to have a diverse group of employees. To take full advantage of everyone’s unique perspective and valuable skills, businesses need to intentionally create a culture of belonging.  Data shows a diverse and inclusive workforce improves an organization’s bottom-line. The key is not attraction, but retention and productivity. That requires a cultural shift.

We are responding to a growing need to create the Space people need to be heard, be themselves, be accepted, and be authentic in whatever environment they find themselves.  When we show up with our whole selves we have so much more to offer and to learn.

Shift Strategies facilitates a foundational one year intensive to enhance relationships, improve collaboration, and increase productivity.   Participants gain knowledge, skills, and tools to be responsible and accountable for their environment.

It is the same shift you've come to expect from Shift Strategies in a new Space.

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