Shift Guidance


Shift Guidance

Culture & Mentoring

Shift Strategies coaches individuals in their personal and professional lives, businesses, and community engagement to imagine a shift and manage the change they desire. Shift Guidance provides what you need when you need it to help you stay on track, provide perspective, identify next steps and give you the accountability to follow through.  

Shift Guidance clients have a clear direction where they want to go and just need a little calibration to get there. We’ve helped with leadership, career changes, business vision, meaningful engagement, inclusive culture, unconscious bias, messaging for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and more. Our integrated approach ensures personal and professional alignment where purpose meets practice.  This enables you to define and achieve the results you desire with greater impact and satisfaction.  

"As a solo practitioner, I was overwhelmed with all of the tasks required to run a business. Beth helped me understand which tasks were key and prioritized them in a reasonable time frame. She also provided me with systems to help accomplish the tasks. The value of this? There is more flow in my work, my business is steady and because the path is so much clearer there is room to ponder how and when to grow the business. To top it off, Beth does all of this with kindness and a gentle touch. I am very grateful for Beth's work and recommend her highly."Dominique Tardif/ Founder & Owner / Healing Arts Boise

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