Shift Direction


Shift Direction

Culture & Mentoring

Ready for a more meaningful career?

Shift direction services are designed for that time when you know you need a change, but are not sure what direction to go.  Shift Direction clients are seeking a change in their professional direction.

We provide a road map of time tested steps to identify purpose, strengths, values, people to assist you on your path, options for opportunities that fit your purpose, and clearly defined outcomes based on your goals.

We mine what is hidden in you and design a pathway that is custom for you. We imagine a shift in the the way your personal and professional lives align.

You can get started on that journey today with our FREE assessment.

"After working with Beth I feel I’m better aligned with my personal mission. I now have tools to find my direction when I get off track. Even during this uncertain time I can focus on what it is I need to help me cultivate a place to land professionally and personally. She taught me to trust myself and use my wisdom like a bread crumb trail to stick my landing."ML

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