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Diversity + Equity + Inclusion + Belonging

Shift Strategies creates a new cultural norm wherein people feel like insiders and experience a sense of belonging enabling them to be themselves and have their uniqueness highly valued by their peers.

We are responding to a growing need to create the space people need to be heard, be themselves, be accepted, and be authentic in whatever environment they find themselves.  When we show up with our whole selves we have so much more to offer and to learn.

Local and national events have made us aware of our silos and social, economic, environmental injustice.  The pandemic has exposed the consequences of rugged individualism and systematic racism.

Shift Inclusion provides the space, experience and practice required for transforming dominant culture bias into new ways of being. Before we can create new, we must unlearn. Dismantle the deep socialization that has brought us here.  Then we put new practices to work so that we can be a part of inclusive culture-the beloved community.

The Beloved Community-

We offer a foundational one-year intensive workshop. We meet monthly for twelve months. Each session builds on topics and the real-life experiences of the participants.  The results are a personal shift that includes enhanced relationships, improved engagement with the community and a plan for action.

We are focused on working with people to understand and address how our culture and actions perpetuate systemic racism so we can shift, dismantle and rebuild an inclusive culture with new ways of being. 

Our model compensates BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and others who are excluded for their expertise and emotional labor as we facilitate this work with our own people. We are actively seeking collaborative partners to build relationships, deepen our understanding, and ensure our accountability.

It is the same shift you've come to expect from Shift Strategies in a new inclusive space.

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Shift Culture

Defining a new cultural norm in the midst of dynamic workplace and culture shifts.

Shift Strategies assesses the needs of staff in this time of increased remote work, physically distanced connecting, and online meetings.

We design recommendations to create a culture that recognizes individual work styles and needs while still connecting people with their teams to work together toward common goals.

We offer an assessment analysis, review of workplace practices, and collaboration with management and staff to develop recommendations for workplace and culture shifts, custom designed plans, and measurable outcomes and impact.

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