Imagine a Shift

Imagine a Shift

Let's imagine what's next together

Making the Seemingly Insurmountable ~ Possible

At Shift Strategies we make difficult tasks that seem daunting easier. Things like making an idea a reality, starting and running a business, setting direction, implementing strategy, creating an inclusive culture, or designing a meaningful career.

We are trusted advisors and coaches with the ability to guide others to successfully design and implement their plans, and advance their success.

Using a uniquely grounded approach along with our proprietary methodology, we deliver services that blend philosophy and practice to harness and manage the constant presence of change in our personal lives, work and communities.

Our focus areas are:


Culture + Mentoring

People thrive when they contribute in a meaningful way. Creating space for authentic engagement is when dynamics shift, ideas are generated and change occurs. At Shift Strategies, we listen and provide mentoring and coaching that enables people to be heard, gain clarity, and effectively manage the change they desire.

We clearly and respectfully:

  • Rethink workplace culture in the midst of dynamic shifts. Understand what inhibits an inclusive culture and create space to design a new cultural norm wherein people feel like insiders.
  • Guide those seeking a change in career direction to integrate their personal and professional lives to create more meaningful work.
  • Provide mentoring, guidance, and coaching to people who imagine a shift to help them stay on track, provide perspective, identify next steps and be accountable with follow through.


Strategy + Operations

No plan can be effective without individuals and teams responsible for the plan being fully functional, if not at their best. That’s where Shift Strategies makes it unique mark on the organization – going deeper into the culture and its norms to determine how individuals can change for results and plans to be effectively implemented. We build solid, yet flexible foundations with you that you can build upon and adapt as change occurs.

We work with key stakeholders to:

  • Develop strategic plans that provide a roadmap to guide decision-making as change inevitably occurs. Shift Strategies plans not only help set direction, but also link to critical tasks throughout the organization.
  • Design business planning that creates an actionable vision, integrated culture, operational improvements, employee retention, effective financial management and performance reporting.
  • Create high functioning governance structures that set strategic direction, align board members and staff, and ensure vision is integrated into the culture of the organization to facilitate successful implementation, accountability and ownership.



Facilitation + Collaboration

Skilled, intuitive Shift Strategies facilitators listen, acknowledge individual strengths, manage participation, enable group dialogue, and assist with consensus building and alignment. These skills are also at work when we gather circles for community dialogue, collaborate with trusted partners to provide complementary services for our clients and support local economic development.

We thoughtfully and intentionally:

  • Gather circles of people to engage in dialogue about creating a just and equitable society.
  • Identify trusted partners who complement our offerings to provide an integrated approach to meeting client needs.
  • Support local businesses and initiatives that create thriving local living economies.