Shift Workplace Inclusion

Diversity + Equity + Inclusion + Belonging

  • How much time do you spend managing H/R issues for team members?
  • How much are attrition and turnover costing your company?
  • What is holding your team or you back from achieving goals?

A diverse workforce isn’t enough.

It’s not all about the numbers or is it? Diversity’s magic isn’t about just achieving a hiring number. Data shows a diverse and inclusive workforce improves an organization’s bottom-line. The key is not attraction, but retention and productivity. That requires a cultural shift.

It isn’t enough to have a diverse group of employees. To take full advantage of everyone’s unique perspective and valuable skills, businesses need to intentionally create a culture of belonging.

Local and national events have made us aware of our silos and social, economic, and environmental injustice.  The pandemic has exposed the consequences of rugged individualism and systematic racism.   In isolation, we hunger for community ~ a place where everyone thrives.

Shift Inclusion creates a new cultural norm wherein people feel like insiders and experience a sense of belonging enabling them to be themselves and have their uniqueness highly valued by their peers.

Shift Inclusion provides the space, experience, and practice required for transforming dominant culture bias into new ways of being. Before we can create new, we must unlearn and dismantle the deep socialization that has brought us here.

What to Expect
  • Improving Engagement
  • Exploring Implicit Bias
  • Expanding through Diversity & Inclusion
  • Fostering Belonging
What We Offer

We offer a foundational one-year intensive that begins with a half-day session followed by monthly sessions that build on topics and outcomes from the first session. The results are a cultural shift that includes enhanced relationships, improved collaboration, and increased productivity. Participants gain knowledge, skills, and tools to be responsible and accountable for their environment.

Why one year? It takes time to create a fortified container, learn new practices, and shift actions. 

Our Approach

Through reflection, storytelling, silence, and practice we will unpack the dominant culture and its impact.  We face the discomfort of going against the grain by creating practices such as breathing, grounding, noticing, and movement.  This builds stamina, resilience, flexibility, and engagement.

We are focused on working with people to understand and address how our culture and actions perpetuate systemic racism so we can shift, dismantle and rebuild an inclusive culture with new ways of being.

Our model compensates BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and others who are excluded for their expertise and emotional labor as we facilitate this work with our own people. We are actively seeking collaborative partners to build relationships, deepen our understanding, and ensure our accountability.

Learn more about our Shift Inclusion work.

This work is designed to create inclusive workplace culture for businesses, organizations, and governmental entities.

Contact us for other size groups.

Price is per person. Minimum is 8 people.  Maximum is 12 people.