Shift Inclusion Guidance

Guidance for a Shift

Shift Inclusion Guidance is designed to assist you in moving forward with how to shift your bias and expand your acceptance and embrace of all people.

While inequity has always been a part of our culture, the increased visibility, and more recent impact on Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC)  and all people perceived as “different” has created awareness on a new level for some.

Have you read books on racial equity and now find yourself in challenging or heated conversations?

Are you discovering new information about whiteness and dominant culture but find yourself defensive or find some of the information offensive?

Are you noticing exclusive language, implicit bias, and how segregated your life is but don’t know who to talk to?

How would it feel to have some guidance?

Do you need a partner and guide to talk openly with, challenge you, and help contextualize your thinking?

We provide a space to apply concepts, create practices for wholeness, and the opportunity to move forward from dominant culture and whiteness to a more equitable and just society. This takes reflection, storytelling, and silence. We provide guidance and safe space for processing. 

60-minute sessions delivered via Zoom.

Learn more about our Shift Inclusion work.

Contact us if you need sessions that are shorter or a different frequency.

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Twice a month for $250

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