Grow a Business

Realizing the Full Potential

Does this resonate with you?

You have been in business for five years or more and growth is steady. You have ideas about expansion but are uncertain about which pathway to take and what is required.

You know additional investments need to be made but are unsure how to plan financially for growth at the next level. You want to ensure as you grow that you don’t lose the essence of what made you successful, to begin with.

You are ready to think about financial security for your future.

Creating sustainable business growth and achieving long-term business success is what you desire.   

We can help you expand your business and plan for the future.

Grow a Business Scope

What will we do?

Meet for ten two-hour planning sessions.

  • Session 1: Assessment, an overview of the Planning Process, and Goal Setting

The assessment phase provides an opportunity for us to customize the sessions for what you need most.

  • Session 2: Vision – Current State and Business Plan Review
  • Session 3: Vision – Strategic Direction and Long-Range Goals
  • Session 4: Culture – Sustaining Values and Guiding Principles
  • Session 5: Culture – Expansion Management, Partners and Succession Planning
  • Session 6: Process – Marketing, Product or Service Growth Opportunities, and Customer Focus
  • Session 7: Process – Systems, Processes, Policies and Procedures Analysis
  • Session 8: Results – Long-Range Projections and Expansion Capital Investment
  • Session 9: Results – Financial Reporting and Scorecard
  • Session 10: Final Long-Range Plan, Recommendations and Recap

What do you need to do?

  • Commit to ten two-hour planning sessions.
  • Prepare in advance for each session completing whatever is agreed upon.
  • Communicate when you are stuck.
Grow a Business Deliverables

What do you get for your investment?

  • Ten two-hour one on one sessions delivered via Zoom.
  • Specific next steps for each session that you will prepare and bring to the next session.
  • Communication and clarification through email as needed in between sessions.
  • Templates for Strategic Direction, Management Structure, Operations Analysis, Long Range Projections, and Expansion Capital, Scorecard.
  • Recommendations and resources.
  • Long-Range Plan that brings it all together and provides you a custom pathway to guide expansion.

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