Culture & Mentoring

Mentoring embodies our culture services in one-on-one sessions. Shift Strategies mentors individuals in their personal and professional lives, and community engagement to manage change. We’ve helped with leadership opportunity, career moves, business visions, desires to engage in a more meaningful way and more. Our integrated approach develops skills to help you function more effectively. We incorporate the vision that defines purpose, beliefs and values with culture that identifies strengths, skills and the relationships necessary to sustain you. This provides the foundation for you to manage, organize, and operate effectively. Our proven practices will enable you to define and achieve the results you desire with greater impact and satisfaction.
“Beth provided critical guidance and support during Boise Rock School’s first few years. We were impressed by Beth’s ability to see the ‘big picture’, her high level of integrity and her affable, compassionate character. Beth’s support and direction helped us lay a firm foundation for our organization and ensured our future success.”Ryan Peck / Co-founder and Managing Director / Boise Rock School

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