City of Meridian: Economic Development


City of Meridian

Economic Development

The City of Meridian Community Development Division led efforts to define economic development intersections with agriculture and the health science and technology sectors for local impact.

Shift Strategies developed the strategic approach, agendas, presentations and action items for a 20+ member community stakeholders’ roundtable to assess opportunities for agriculture based economic development projects and designed marketing materials, developed video content and coordinated C level video interviews for health science and technology sector.

This work provided the foundation for continued expansion and innovation of these two industries in Meridian as Idaho’s fastest growing city continues to explore local economic development and impact.

“Shift Strategies assisted us in the past few years with culture and business planning. What sets Beth apart is her ability to listen, truly understand her client’s needs, and focus on the individual and collective strengths of the team. Addressing the cultural aspect of our practice transformed the work we do and enabled us to truly focus on our business.”Bruce Chatterton / Former Community Development Director / City of Meridian

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