City of Boise: Sustainability – The LIV District


City of Boise

Strategy & Sustainability

Shift Strategies engaged with the City of Boise to manage various strategy engagements for the Mayor’s office over a ten-year period. These community development projects focused on youth, housing, homelessness, strategic planning and sustainability. Services included facilitating leadership, council and community meetings, developing and aligning strategy with operations, designing and delivering community roundtables and summits, securing federal grants and defining performance targets.

Shift Strategies managed the city’s sustainability project initiation to lay a foundation for future development by aligning leadership, establishing direction, defining strategy, coordinating community outreach, designing initiatives and creating an implementation framework. A key initiative was establishing the city’s first LIV District in the Central Addition to serve as a demonstration and catalyst for future sustainable development.

Today, these programs and initiatives live on and play a vital role in defining the lasting, innovative, and vibrant culture that is defining Boise for decades to come.

“I’ve been working with Beth and Shift Strategies for over five years around strategic direction, planning and communication, organizational development and sustainability planning for the City of Boise. Beth is very strategic in nature, thoughtful, committed and hardworking when it comes to being able to produce unique products that work for us. I really appreciate that she doesn’t approach a project with a package of one-size fits all products but rather customizes around what makes sense to the organization.” Jade Riley / Chief of Staff / City of Boise

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